New Organon

Our reading group discussions will be divided into the following parts:

  1. Book I including Idols (1 – 68 inclusive)
  2. The rest of Book I
  3. Book II, Aphorisms I – IX (1 – 9 inclusive)
  4. Book II, Aphorisms X – XX (10 – 20 inclusive)
  5. Book II, Aphorisms XXI – XXXVII (21 – 37 inclusive)
  6. The rest of Book II
  7. Book III and 5 introductory essays (The Great Renewal and “Preface” to New Organon)

(Subject to changes as needs be to suit the group)

In most modern accounts of Baconian method, the groundbreaking originality of Bacon’s direct engagement with contemporary applied science and technology, leading to his attempt to devise an epistemology which reflected the intimate relationship between ideas and practice, has been lost from sight.Lisa Jardine

We will use and refer to New Organon from Cambridge Texts in the History of Philosophy, eds. Lisa Jardine & Michael Silverthorne. Buy the book on Amazon or Book Depository.

Those who cannot join us in person are welcome to participate via Skype.

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