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The Psycho-Epistemology of Terrorism
The West, and particularly the United States of America, is under attack by Islamic terrorists who seek our destruction. Why? As Ayn Rand wrote, it is not for her flaws that America is hated, "but for her virtues -- not for her failures, but for her success -- her magnificent, shining, life-giving success."

Ayn Rand identified the cause of such hatred of the good for being the good as an "arrested psycho-epistemological development." Applying her extended analysis of the psycho-epistemology of the haters to the thinking patterns of the Islamic terrorists and of the general culture from which they come, these two lectures explain the psychological roots of the evil that confronts us.

About Tore Boeckmann
Tore Boeckmann is a writer whose short stories have been published and anthologized in several languages. He edited Ayn Rand's The Art of Fiction. He has written for The Intellectual Activist, and his lectures on the foundations of literary esthetics have been given in Europe and America.

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