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Recollections of Ayn Rand, Part 1
What was the creator of Atlas Shrugged like in her private life and work relationships? Using never-before-published material uncovered in his research for the Ayn Rand Institute's Ayn Rand Oral History Program, Scott McConnell discusses his interviews with: Ayn Rand's sister, her god-daughter, her long-time cook, her secretary, a portrait artist, and one other non-Objectivist. Slides will complement the talk.

Recollections of Ayn Rand, Part 2
Scott McConnell reads extracts and shows slides excerpts from the 170 interviews he has conducted with Ayn Rand's friends, family, and associates. The interviews reveal Ayn Rand in a variety of relationships and contexts. Interviewees include a famous photographer, a West Point professor, a media interviewer, a publishing-house editor, and a Hollywood producer. All material has never been published.

About Scott McConnell
B.A., Behavioral Science, 1992; MacQuarie University (Australia).
Mr. McConnell works as a researcher in the Ayn Rand Archive of the Ayn Rand Institute, where he is currently compiling the first comprehensive oral history of Ayn Rand.

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