The Nihilist Assault on Man and the Objectivist Defense

A conference featuring John Ridpath, Robert Mayhew, Tore Boeckmann and Scott McConnell.

At the University of Oslo, Oct. 17-19.

Dear Reader,

If the ideas presented in Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged and The Fountainhead interest you, the Oslo Objectivist Conference 2003 is your chance to increase your knowledge of this revolutionary thinker and the applications of her philosophy for living on earth. The conference provides excellent Objectivist speakers, as well as the opportunity to informally discuss Ayn Rand's ideas with other admirers from many different countries.

Our speakers will give you:

  • a new look at the fascinating life of Ayn Rand, using never before published material (Scott McConnell)
  • an analysis of the revisions Ayn Rand made on the '38 edition of Anthem, showing her development as a novelist and philosopher (Robert Mayhew)
  • a new look on Modernism and its Nietzschean core to better understand the root of today's nihilism, and therefore its cure (John Ridpath)
  • an examination of the terrorist assault on Western values based on Ayn Rand's identifications in the field of psycho-epistemology (Tore Boeckmann).

The conference will end with a moderated, audience-interactive roundtable on the future of Objectivism, in which all the speakers will participate.

On behalf of FSO, the Objectivist Campus Club at the University of Oslo
yours sincerely,

Harald Waage

Oslo Objectivist Conference 2003


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