Saturday May 19
0900–0955 Registration & coffee
1000–1005 Introductory remarks
1005–1105 “Steve Jobs was an Atlas. What can Objectivists learn from the way he chose to move the world?” Dag Inge Fjeld
1120–1320 “Villainy—An Analysis of the Nature of Evil” Andrew Bernstein
1320–1445 Lunch
1445–1615 “Charles Babbage and the Invention of the Computer” Martin Johansen
1630–1815 “Government Barriers to Economic Growth” John Tamny
1900 Dinner
Sunday May 20
0930–1000 Coffee
1000–1115 “The World we have lost: John Locke’s theory of rights” Harald Waage
1130–1315 “Ayn Rand’s Anthem and Ibsen’s Peer Gynt: Two Psychological Fantasies” Tore Boeckmann
1315–1445 Lunch
1445–1615 “The Human Form of Life in the ethics of Ayn Rand and Aristotle” Gregory Salmieri
1630–1830 “Capitalist Solutions to Contemporary Moral Problems” Andrew Bernstein
1900 Dinner